Aqua Signal 40 Series Navigation Lights

SKU: RWB-3241

Light Type: Port
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Illuminate your vessel with the Aqua Signal 40 Series Navigation Lights, the trusted choice for boats up to 20 metres in length. With worldwide approval, these conventional bulb lights offer a minimum visibility range of two nautical miles for coloured lenses and three nautical miles for clear lenses. Crafted from black glass reinforced polycarbonate with polished stainless steel screens and mounting bracket, these lights stand the test of time and elements. Standard in size yet exceptional in performance, these lights measure 130mm in total height, 90mm in width, and 80mm in depth. Each light comes equipped with a 12-volt bulb, with the option to purchase a 24-volt bulb for specific requirements. Illuminate your way and stay visible on the waters with Aqua Signal 40 Series Navigation Lights.

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