Delphi CAV Fuel Filter - FAS Type 200402

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An agglomerator filter which offers efficient fuel filtration via a paper filter element.

Water is collected in a clear glass base and drained via a screw in plug, without having to dismantle the unit. Base and head constructed of aluminium. 

Suitable for diesel fuel only with standard element.

The Ryco replacement filter cartridge is suitable where petrol or pre-mixed petrol is used.
(available separately).


Please use brass hose tails 200420, 200422 or 200424, as these filters seal on a tapered seat, not on the thread of the hose tail.


• 10mm fastening holes

• 197mm overall height

• 107mm maximum width

• 45l/hr flow rate

• Inlet/outlet ½_x001d_ x 20 UNF

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