Pro Mariner Galvanic Isolators

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Weight: 1.4kg
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FailSafe technology with peace of mind dependability. The ProSafe FS Series of FailSafe 30 and 60 Amp Galvanic Isolators will interrupt galvanic current flow with other boats at a marina
when installed on a boat which is connected to AC Shore Power. This technology maintains AC safety ground and solves the most common forms of corrosion and premature zinc loss within a boats bonding system.


  • Insures shore power safety ground wire is maintained through the isolator
  • Flat pack high power semiconductors: Robust high power diodes allow the FS Series to meet the new FailSafe criteria for conducting inrush currents 3,000 and 5,000 amps (FS30 and FS60 respectively)
  • Innovative design: The FS60 will cool itself in the event it must conduct current insuring cooler operation in this mode
  • Ignition protected
  • Gold plated terminations
BLA Code 114481 114483
General Specifications:
Ratings 120/240 VAC 41A 50/60 Hz 120/240 VAC 82A 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 17.1mm x 17.8mm x 6.4mm 18.4mm x 16.5mm x 9.5mm
Weight 1.4kg 1.7kg
Maximum Temperature 50°C 50°C

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