SeaStar Solutions Top Mount Control - SLT

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SeaStar Solutions Top Mount Control - SLT

Single Function Control:
There’s nothing else like it. Patented self locking throttle technology makes SLT (Self Locking Throttle) the only control that stops throttle creep in single and multi stations without making the control stiff like traditional friction based throttle solutions. Suitable for inboards with hydraulic gearboxes, stern drives and outboards.

How it Works:

  • Each lever has both direct-drive and self-locking cable connection arms
  • Use black self-locking arm for master station-to-engine throttle cables; gold direct-drive arm for shift and station-to-station cables
  • Better than traditional friction-based solutions, the SLT doesn’t rely on tightening the control lever or restricting cable movement to stop creep
  • Using a patented SLT clutch, the control maintains throttle lever position, even in vibration-prone environments and it’s easy to move the lever when you’re ready
  • With the SLT, you can take full advantage of premium, high-efficiency cables for smooth lever operation, because cable movement is unrestricted. Yet, the SLT clutch will not allow vibration and cable feedback to move the lever
  • Other controls allow the use of premium cables, but the extra advantage of a high performance cable is negated when a ‘cable brake’ is used to limit throttle creep. There is no ‘positive stop’ with a cable brake. You tighten it to achieve a trade-off between lever slippage and ease of movement. If it’s too tight, the cable is hard to move. If it’s too loose, the cable may feel fine but the throttle lever may creep
  • Each SLT can be configured for Throttle and Shift, Twin Throttle or Twin Shift, simply by screwing in the appropriate throttle stops, detents and knobs that come with the control


  • Patented SLT technology prevents throttle creep without creating friction, lever stays where you leave it
  • Superior twin station performance, both stations operate simultaneously
  • Polished stainless steel levers and domed housing
  • Independent shift and throttle action, one lever for shift, one lever for throttle
  • Can be user configured as either push or pull to operate throttle and/or shift
  • Adjustable/removable shift detents and throttle stops
  • Optional neutral safety switch

Particularly suited to high efficiency cables such as CCX633 XTREME. Also accepts universal 3300/33C series cables, CC230, CC330, CC332 or CCX632.


  • Stainless steel visible above console
  • Heavy duty die-cast zinc alloy mechanism
  • Each control lever has both a self-locking and direct drive lever arm
  • The cable from the engine throttle directly to the control is connected to the control’s black self-locking lever arm. The cable from the transmission is connected to the control’s gold direct-drive lever arm. Cables between stations are only connected to the direct drive lever arms of those controls.

Direct Drive Lever Arm:
When a cable from the transmission or a “slave station” is connected to the gold direct-drive arm, it will allow the control lever to be moved from another station. Cables from the main station to any additional stations must be attached to direct drive arms on those stations.

Self-Locking Lever Arm:
When a cable from the throttle is connected to the black self-locking arm it will only move if the lever is moved; engine vibration and return spring feedback will not move the control lever. Only throttle cables routed directly from the engine to the control should be connected to self-locking lever arms.

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