TFX Rack Steering System

SKU: 2803XX

Sizes: Rack Steering Kit 3.66m (12FT)
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Rack and pinion mechanism for improved efficiency and precision. Easy feel 4.0 turn system rated for all outboards to V6 &
Inboards. Boats travelling over 40 knots, or when engine flutter is apparent, should use twin cables. Back mount design allows fast installation of the

cable and helm as a unit from behind the dash. 

Steering wheels ordered separately.


• Fast, easy installation

• Drop in replacement for 1985 - 1996 Seastar Rack

• Standard 3/4” tapered steering wheel shaft

• Meets ABYC, NMMA and BIA requirements

• Stainless steel cable output end minimises corrosion

Kit Inclusions:

• 1 x 280346 helm

• 1 x 280350 90O bezel

• 1 x 2813XX *cable

N.B. * Last two digits denote cable length in feet

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