Whale Supersub Smart Automatic Bilge Pump

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OEM: 131656OEM
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Supersub Smart Automatic Bilge Pumps manufactured by Whale.

  • The Whale® Supersub range of Smart automatic bilge pumps are a super slim, low profile design making them ideal for areas where space is at a premium.
  • An integral electric field sensor automatically switches on and off with the detection of fluctuating bilge water levels.
  • Designed for quick and easy installation, the multi-position pump head and outlet fits neatly into almost any area and position.
  • N.B. As with all submersible electrics, attention is needed during installation to ensure that wiring connections remain above water level.
  • Specified output is US gph open flow.


  • Unaffected by wave motion
  • Solid state switching with no moving parts
  • Environmentally friendly and mercury free
  • Integrated bleed ball prevents airlocks
  • Electric field sensor technology
  • Easy to clean built-in strum box, low maintenance design
  • 131662/131664 includes built in non-return valve
  • 131662/131664 features 25/28mm stepped hose connector
  • CE certified and conforms to ISO8849 and ISO15083
Part Number OEM Capacity (Open Flow) Capacity @1m head Power Mount Screws (gauge) Outlet Diameter
WHL-131656 131656OEM 40L/m (650gph) 34L/m (550gph) 12V (3.4amps) 4 r/h 19mm
WHL-131662 131662OEM 66L/m (1050gph) 47L/m (750gph) 12V (4.3amps) 4 r/h 25/28mm
WHL-131664 131664OEM 66L/m (1050gph) 47L/m (750gph) 24V (2.2 amps) 4 r/h 25/28mm

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