CDI Electronics 531-0500T - M.E.D.S Standard Bundle

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CDI - M.E.D.S. Standard Bundle - For Mercury, Yamaha, Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda & GM MEFI 1-4 Part Number: 531-0500T M.E.D.S. Standard Bundle Includes diagnostics for Mercury, Yamaha, Johnson/Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda, MEFI 1-4 M.E.D.S. Is an easy to use, yet sophisticated software program specifically designed for troubleshooting multiple marine engines. Using M.E.D.S. you can easily collect engine data, determine active faults, run engine tests & efficently diagnose problems. - Reduce debug time - Improve diagnostic accuracy - Print pre-formatted diagnostic reports Works on Microsoft PC Laptops, Windows Tablets and Microsoft’s Surface Tablets. With M.E.D.S. you are not bound to a small, expensive to replace, handheld device. Our software works on any PC laptop running Windows 7 or higher operating systems. Plug and play system. Simply plug into the engine and start working. With M.E.D.S. there is no need to hassle with entering in the make, model or even the serial number of the engine you’re working on. Simply plug in the cable and let M.E.D.S. do the work for you. Each M.E.D.S Bundle comes with:- M.E.D.S. System Cables which plug into your Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet computer via the USB Port. - Diagnostic Port Adapter Cables for the engine types you have purchased. - Three installations of the M.E.D.S. Software on USB. Help files are onboard and inline with M.E.D.S. (You can request a direct internet download by providing proof of purchase). - A hard carrying case or the M.E.D.S. Tactisling Bag, depending on the number of platforms you purchase. M.E.D.S. APPLICATION GUIDE

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