Aeroflex Hose T-Bolt Clamps


T-Bolt Clamps: 31-34mm
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Although extremely durable, silicone hoses are fairly soft, so it is important to use a high-quality hose clamp that will not cut into the hose.

These Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps are just what you need to finish off your great looking SFS Silicone Hose.  Our Clamps are sized right to fit the hose correctly and are durable enough for the biggest boost pressure.

  • Constant Tension Clamps
  • Stainless Steel w/ Cad plated bolt
  • Recommended for Turbo & Intercooler Use
  • Wide Band
Part Number Clamping Size Suits Silicon Hose Size
SHT125 31-34mm 1"
SHT150 40-43mm 1.25"
SHT175 43-47mm 1.5"
SHT200 51.55mm 1.75"
SHT225 55-59mm 2"
SHT250 64-71mm 2.25"
SHT275 70-78mm 2.50"
SHT300 76-84mm 2.75"
SHT325 83-90mm 3"
SHT350 89-97mm 3.25"
SHT375 95-103mm 3.50"
SHT406 102-110mm 4"

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