AFI Premier “Wet” Windscreen Wiper Pantographic Arms

SKU: RWB-5817

Arm Length: 430mm-555mm
Sale price$284.05 Regular price$328.50


Enhance your driving visibility with AFI's Premier "Wet" Windscreen Wiper Pantographic Arms. Crafted from stainless steel with robust construction, these arms ensure top-notch performance. Pair them with PREMIER blades for optimal results. Featuring adjustable length and a convenient bend-back design for easy cleaning, these arms come equipped with a built-in hose to seamlessly connect to the AFI washer system (RWB5814). The black PVC hose running through the arm leads to a four-nozzle fixture, each adjustable for maximum coverage spray pattern. Choose between the standard style wiper arm or the pantographic style for a sleek and effective solution to keep your windshield crystal clear.

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