Attwood LightArmor Plug-in Base - Round, 57mm

SKU: BLA-121370

Colour - Pins: Black - 2
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LightArmor Plug-in Bases by Attwood.

  • Introducing Lightarmor plug-in bases, a new line of light bases designed for premium performance, styling, and durability.
  • Across the entire product line, you get the intelligent engineering that lightarmor is known for.

A Sure Fit

  • The new Light Armor Plug-In Light Bases have a threaded design feature that fits perfectly with the threaded locking collar now offered across the entire line of Attwood Pole Lights.
  • This unique system ensures a tight and secure fit that preventsannoying rattling while underway or trailering.

Plenty of Style

  • Upgraded styling and appearance comes in teardrop and round configuration in a range of black composite or black composite with stainless steel top.


  • Threaded Locking System for a secure fit
  • Unique cover design Stays secure while underway or trailered
  • Low-profile prevents water from pooling on top surface

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