Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump

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Model: T500
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Tsunami Aerator Pumps manufactured by Attwood.

  • Based on the Tsunami Bilge Pump platform, the Attwood Aerator Series provides a reliable and versatile live tank pump solution.
  • Available in 500GPH and 800GPH, and with a range of mounting accessories, they are suitable to be mounted thru-transom, thru-hull or as a re-circulation pump.
  • For longevity they feature permanently lubricated bearings, a high efficiency permanent magnet motor with extra-long composite brushes all coupled with tinned and caulked wiring.
  • The mount configuration and high volume capacity of these pumps also sees them utilised on ski/wake boat’s ballast tanks.
  • Pumps are not self-priming and must be mounted below waterline.
  • N.B. Output specifications are in US gallons per hour.
  • While Attwood submersible bilge pumps have caulked wire, best practice installation is to ensure that wiring connections remain above water level.

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