BLA Drum Winch - 8500 Model

SKU: BLA-153130

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Introducing the BLA Drum Winch - 8500 Model, the pinnacle of electric boat anchor winches. Crafted with a sealed motor and gearbox encased in 316-grade stainless steel, this winch is built to withstand water ingress and corrosion with ease. Designed for boats up to 8 metres long, the 8500 Series Model boasts an oversized worm gearbox capable of handling higher shock loads, ensuring durability and reliability. With the motor and gearbox adjustable in 12 positions to the drum, custom rope kits available, and a 3-year warranty, this winch offers unparalleled performance and peace of mind. Upgrade your anchoring experience with the BLA Drum Winch - 8500 Model.

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