Lanolin Citra Blitz Degreaser - 5L Jerry

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CITRA-BLITZ is a powerful all-purpose, citrus-based cleaner & degreaser suitable for removing grease, oils, waxes, glues, chewing gum, bitumen, carbon & grime from a multitude of car, truck, motorcycle, marine, mining or agricultural engines & parts.

CITRA-BLITZ is also suitable for cleaning concrete floors, steel benches, tools, sinks, wash bays, stainless steel, BBQ, commercial ovens, toilets, sinks, shower areas as well as fresh graffiti.

Common Uses:

A powerful fast acting natural cleaner/degreaser

Excellent in the removal of glues, fats, grease, oils waxes and carbon

Fast acting degreaser that is also safe to use in biocycles

Superior cleaning of stainless steel and aluminium and Bbq's

Aids in the fast removal of fresh graffiti

Removal of thread dope from drill rods (oil & gas)The product of choice when removing Woolube Lanolin Products

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