DEI Exhaust Wrap - 50 Feet


DEI - Exhaust Wrap: 1" Wide - Tan DEI010101
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The first step in controlling under hood temperatures is to use DEI's Exhaust Wrap. DEI's Exhaust Wrap is designed to keep heat contained within the metal pipes of the exhaust system. This keeps the heat expanded longer increasing the rate of gas flow out of the engine compartment header and exhaust system pipes. Wrapping your headers with DEI's Exhaust Wrap will reduce under hood temperatures by up to 50% while providing additional horsepower, engine protection and passenger comfort. All exhaust wraps are not alike! DEI Exhaust Wrap is manufactured with a hi-temp fiberglass composite material and then infused with a proprietary coating to enhance heat retention and expanded durability of the exhaust wrap. DEI is the only manufacturer to add 1/4” guidelines to the Exhaust Wrap to ensure proper installation without the guess work. Reduce under hood temperatures a realistic 50% Improves horsepower Only exhaust wrap with installation guide lines Added durability and heat retention New Titanium Wrap Titanium exhaust wrap, with LR Technology, is made from pulverized lava rock and stranded into a fiber material and is engineered to be stronger than typical wraps on the market today. It has the ability to handle higher heat for improved performance and durability – and with a cool carbon fibre look! Withstands 1800˚F direct/2500˚F radiant heat Promotes increased flow for improved performance High resistance to chemical & oil spills and abrasions Reduces temperature & vibration breakdown Extremely pliable for easy install – will not shrink No need to "wet" wrap to install

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