Deks Olje' Penetrating Oil

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Sizes: 3980 No 1 Matt 1 Litre
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Deks Olje is a penetrating oil that can be used as an alternative to varnish. Varnished wood looks good - but only for a short while - the slightest damage and damp will creep under the surface and ruin the appearance. Not so with Deks Olje as it penetrates deep into the heart of the wood for a rich, natural long lasting finish. Deks Olje keeps wood in pristine condition and protects it with powerful fungus and rot inhibitors.

With a little periodic maintenance Deks Olje will give many years of service. If you haven't tried Deks Olje - try it now! For a rich appearance and long lasting finish you can't beat - Deks Olje !

Deks Olje No.1 is the saturator that feeds and protects the wood leaving a matt finish.

Deks Olje No.2 can be used over the No.1 to give a bright gloss finish.


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