Deluxe Bow U Bolts - Stainless Steel

Sizes: 165000
Sale price$29.00


304 grade stainless steel
165001 is 316 grade)

‘U’ bolts with welded face plate to provide superior sealing. 

165002 has a deep throat to enable the winch cable to be
lead underneath the winch post roller, to lock the bow ‘U’ bolt under roller.

Includes backing plate and nuts.

165000 - 3/8"UNC Dim (a) (mm):9.0   Dim (b) (mm):115   Dim (c) (mm):76   Dim (d) (mm):26   Dim (e) (mm):27
165001 - 1/2" UNC" Dim (a) (mm):12.3   Dim (b) (mm):111   Dim (c) (mm):60   Dim (d) (mm):32.4   Dim (e) (mm):33.4
165002 - 1/2" UNC Dim (a) (mm):12.7   Dim (b) (mm):166   Dim (c) (mm):80   Dim (d) (mm):33   Dim (e) (mm):70

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