Deluxe Silent - Flush Electric Toilet - Vertical Back Household Height (Fresh Water)

SKU: RWB-J10-135

Volts: 12V
Sale price$1,810.62 Regular price$1,916.00


Experience the ultimate comfort of home while at sea with the Deluxe Silent-Flush Electric Toilet - Vertical Back Household Height (Fresh Water). This vertical back model boasts a snug fit against vertical bulkheads, while the fresh water flush system eliminates any unpleasant odours from salt water. Utilising your boat's existing fresh water pressure pump, this toilet ensures a clean and hygienic experience. With a touch pad control, solenoid valve, and siphon breaker assembly included, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there will be no backflow into your fresh water system. Treat yourself to a luxurious 425mm bowl height (445mm including seat) for a truly comfortable onboard experience.

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