Durahub Bearing Protectors 50.30mm

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Sizes: Bearing Protectors 50.30mm
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Durahub bearing protectors provide an effective protection system for wheel bearing assemblies.

Durahub protectors can be completely submerged under salt water without fear of corrosive damage, providing complete peace of mind and extending the life expectancy of trailer bearings while reducing maintenance.

By following the simple step by step instructions the Durahub system can be easily installed, providing long life protection to wheel bearings for all trailerable applications.
Ideal for:
• Boat Trailers
• Box Trailers
• Caravans/RVs
• Horse Trailers
• Single, Double & Tri-axle Trailers

The Durahub’s rubber diaphragm creates a controlled environment around the wheel bearing. This importantly maintains internal hub pressure by expanding and contracting, keeping the wheel bearing constantly lubricated with bearing oil or grease.

The clear polycarbonate lens allows for quick monitoring of oil levels or detecting the presence of water contamination, allowing top ups to be performed via the easy access filler plug.

The Durahub system has been fully tested and proven over time to protect against damage from water and dirt entering the wheel bearings by successfully sealing the area from outside contaminants.

By creating less bearing drag and smoother running, improved fuel consumption can be expected when using the Durahub.

Durahub Bearing Protectors suit 50.30mm hubs.

Sold as a pair.

Adaptors are needed to suit 45.24mm and 63.50mm sized hubs.

Adaptors are sold separately .

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