"Ezy Lift" Anchor Lifting Device

SKU: RWB-2890

Model: Small Clip Only
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Introducing the "Ezy Lift Anchor Clip," a reliable Australian-made lifting device with a proven track record on thousands of boats worldwide. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this anchor clip is available in two sizes to accommodate ropes ranging from 8-12mm. Suitable for powered vessels up to approximately 40 feet long and compatible with all anchor types, the "Ezy Lift Clip" offers peace of mind during anchoring. Choose to purchase the clip on its own or opt for the convenience of it being spliced to a buoy with 12mm Dia. silver rope. For those using their own buoy, ensure a secure attachment with a 300mm rope length and select a buoy of adequate size to effortlessly support your anchor and chain on the water's surface. Elevate your anchoring experience with the dependable "Ezy Lift Anchor Clip."

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