Faria GPS Speedo Chesapeake

Colour: Black S/S Chesapeake
Sale price$455.00


The GPS Speedometer is a drop in replacement for your current


GPS information is gathered from an internal GPS antenna NO external antenna required

The Faria GPS Speedometer uses

a highly accurate 48 channel GPS receiver. You can be sure that

the Faria GPS Speedometer is giving you the most accurate

GPS information available on the market today.

Course Over Ground (COG) and actual heading (compass

heading over ground) are displayed on the optional digital LCD.

Speed data is shown by an analog pointer. This pointer is driven

by a digital stepper motor for increased accuracy and

minimized pointer bounce during vessel operation.

The LCD displays Heading and Compass and is back-lit for

readability in inclement weather.

The LCD displays Compass Rose headings and actual course

over ground heading. Heading is updated in 1 ̊ increments.

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