Fuel Pump Sierra 18-7326 Mercruiser OMC Volvo

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Fuel pump Sierra 18-7326

Mercruiser OMC Volvo 4.3L Electric Fuel Pump for Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC Mercruiser,

Volvo and OMC V6 4.3 Litre Electric Fuel Pump for 1992-93 and 1996 Fuel Injected and Carbureted Motors With an Inline Electric Pump.


Replaces: Volvo - 3850809,3858261,3854620,3857986

OMC - 3850809,3858261,3854620,3857986

Mercruiser - 805656a2 Mallory - 9-35431 Sierra 18-7326

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