Fuel & Water Separator Filter - Mercruiser Mercury Yamaha Chev Honda

Sizes: S18-7944
Sale price$14.00


Sierra’s 10 micron filters are over 90% efficient at removing particles as small as 10 microns and have a flow capacity of up to 90 GPH.

S18-7944 Replaces:Mercury 35-807172, 35-802893Q

S18-7945 Replaces: Mercury 35-802893Q, Yamaha ABB-FUELF-IL-TR

S18-7947 Replaces: Honda 17670-ZW1-030GH, Racor S3240, Suzuki 99105-20006

S18-7948 Replaces: Honda 17670-ZW1-801 AH,Mercury 35-886638, Racor S3227, Suzuki 99105-20006-BWL

S18-7949 Replaces: Racor S3232

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