Fynspray Manual Galley Pumps - Quick-Stroke Rocker Pump


Colour: Black Pump
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Discover the Fynspray Manual Galley Pump - Quick-Stroke Rocker Pump, a pinnacle of quality craftsmanship originating from New Zealand and revered worldwide. Designed to cater to various budgets and needs, these pumps range from efficient plastic models to timeless bronze classics. With a non-corrosive plastic body and a smooth back and forth action, this pump is a versatile solution for boats, caravans, campers, portable sinks, and more. Its chrome brass handle and spout exude elegance while ensuring durability. Whether for fresh or salt water, this self-priming pump is your solid and reliable choice. Elevate your water supply system with the Fynspray Manual Galley Pump - Quick-Stroke Rocker Pump today.

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