Fynspray Manual Galley Pumps - "Ultra" Vertical Pump


Colour: Black
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Introducing the Fynspray Manual Galley Pumps - "Ultra" Vertical Pump, a pinnacle of craftsmanship and reliability. Crafted in New Zealand and revered worldwide, these hand-operated pumps embody unparalleled quality and versatility.

🌊 Key Features:
- Non-corrosive plastic body
- Compact double-action vertical stroke pump
- Stainless steel barrel and Chrome spout
- Suitable for fresh or saltwater
- Self-priming capability

Ideal for boats, caravans, campers, portable toilet sinks, and a myriad of other applications, these self-priming pumps cater to various needs. From efficient plastic-bodied pumps to traditional bronze pumps, there's a Fynspray pump to fit every budget and requirement.

Ensure uninterrupted water supply with the Fynspray "Ultra" Vertical Pump, a reliable companion for your aquatic adventures. Elevate your water sourcing experience with Fynspray's exceptional WS67 Service Kit (SP201), also available for added convenience.

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