Fynspray Water Pump 3/4" NEW DESIGN Boat Engine Cooling 79A SALE

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Fynspray 3/4" BSP Port size Water Pump with two grease caps.

5/8" Shaft and has 3/4" BSP ports


We are Australia's largest stockist and supplier of all things Fynspray

Suitable mainly for engine cooling, but can also be used for a variety of uses including bilge pumping, deck wash down where a self priming & high volume engine driven pump is required

Bronze body, stainless shaft & a flexable neoprene impeller.

3/4 refers to the thread size on both inlet and outlet. 3/4” BSP thread

5/8” (16mm) shaft diameter - Pump Size 200mm L x 103mm W & 98mm H

Suitable for ski boat applications ie: small block chev,holden,windsor, cleveland etc.

If your pump has one grease cap and a 1/2"BSP port - You require a 1/2" fynspray pump.

Pump Specifications Based on Water

Flow Rate - Liters/Min
Bar 500rpm 750rpm 1000rpm 1500rpm 1750rpm
Open 18.9 30.3 36.3 49.2 52.2
0.7 19.9 30.3 36.3 49.2 52.2
1.0 15.1 27.3 31.8 49.2 52.2
1.4 13.6 22.7 30.3 49.2 52.2
1 Bar = 1kg/cm2 = 32.8ft head = 14.26psi

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