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New Rule infusor technology livewell systems are a patented system which introduces air into the base of the livewell pump through the "Air control centre" to produce millions of microfine air bubbles.
Because these bubbles are so small they remain suspended in the water longer, providing more aeration to keep your delicate bait and catch alive and healthy - in a smaller amount of water, allowing a smaller livewell tank to be used, if desired.
The gentleflow discharge allows the microfine bubbles to pass gently into your livewell tank reducing harmful turbulence.
The air control valve allows simple adjustment of the air/water mixture.

There are several styles and sizes that will suit most standard or custom livewell setups. 12 volt only.
The gentleflow system includes Rule 12v livewell thru-hull pump with air intake, gentleflow directional discharge, intake strainer, air hose, one-way air valve and air/water control valve.
Available in 700GPH (3/4" Hose) up to 12kg of bait

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