Glide Marine Bearing Shaft Seal 1 1/8" Shaft suit USA replace OJ Dripless.

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GLIDE Seal Systems are comprised entirely of the GLIDE-100 material and made in the U.S.A.

The housing is durable, lightweight, and non-corrosive. The lightweight housing reduces the loaded weight on the shaft and seal, resulting in a better performing and longer product life.

The integrated bearing surface allows the seal to run true to the shaft. the proprietary double lip seal uses no mechanical components and will not harm the shaft over time, even if it is run dry! The water provided to the seal system is only required to ensure a properly lubricated bearing surface when a slight load occurs due to difficult alignment.


When it comes to durability, you won’t have an issue. With proper alignment and lubrication, the GLIDE Seal Systems have proven successful for years!

The GLIDE Seal System is the standard from the recreational boat enthusiast to the competitive pro. Considered the elite standard in the Ski and Wakeboarding industry. GLIDE Seal Systems provide worry-free boating on all levels of inboards. Whether it’s the weekend trailered boat to the competitive sports fishing team, GLIDE Marine Products keep you running smoothly.


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