GLIDE Ski Wake Boat Skeg Bearings

SKU: 7020071000

Size: Glide Marine Bearing-Ski Wake Boat 1.00 X1.25 X 2.00 (1" x 1 1/4")
Sale price$184.00


No matter the brand or model, Glide have the strut bearings to fit your Ski/Wake boat These 2” long bearings are sold in packs of two 

  • Made in the USA

  • Made from exclusive GLIDE-100 Material

    • High performance

    • Internally lubricated

    • Polymer bearings

  • No stress relief when machining

  • Excellent wear properties

  • Easily installed (press or freeze fit)

  • Easily serviced / No electrolytic corrosion

  • Shaft friendly

  • Unlimited sizing combinations

  • No need to grease

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