Heavy Duty Fenders - White With Blue Ends 180mm

SKU: RWB-1542

Model: Fender Only
Sale price$38.00 Regular price$43.00


Introducing the Heavy Duty Fenders in White with Blue Ends (180mm) - a pinnacle of Dutch craftsmanship. These top-quality inflatable fenders are meticulously crafted from UV resistant white PVC, featuring striking BLUE reinforced star pattern heads in the timeless European design. Built to commercial standards yet offered at a remarkably competitive price point, these fenders cater to a wide range of vessels from small runabouts to grand yachts and cruisers. Choose between fender-only options or opt for the convenience of silver rope lanyards expertly spliced onto the fender eye for immediate use. When inflating these Majoni fenders, ensure to use the correct air gun with a tapered end to safeguard the brass valve from damage. Achieve the perfect pressure level, taking care not to over-inflate. Elevate your vessel's protection with these Heavy Duty Fenders - a blend of durability, functionality, and distinctive style.

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