Heavy Duty Fenders - White With Blue Ends 210mm

SKU: RWB-1543

Model: Fender Only
Sale price$48.00 Regular price$53.50


Introducing the Heavy Duty Fenders in striking White with Blue Ends (210mm). Crafted in Holland, these premium inflatable fenders are a testament to top-tier quality and durability. Constructed from UV resistant white PVC with reinforced blue star pattern heads, these fenders exude classic European charm.

Designed for commercial use yet offered at a practical price point, these fenders cater to a wide range of vessels - from small runabouts to large yachts and cruisers. Choose between fender only or opt for the convenience of silver rope lanyards already spliced onto the eye of the fender, ready for immediate use.

When inflating these Majoni fenders, ensure to use the correct air gun with a tapered end to avoid damaging the brass valve. Remember not to over-inflate the fender, maintaining optimal pressure for peak performance on the water. Elevate your vessel with the unmatched quality and style of these Heavy Duty Fenders.

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