Heavy Duty - Large Boat Fenders White / Blue

SKU: RWB-1546

Size: 1100 x 350mm
Sale price$159.00 Regular price$179.00


Introducing our top-quality Heavy Duty Large Boat Fenders in White/Blue, crafted in Holland for exceptional durability. These inflatable fenders are made from UV-resistant white PVC with reinforced blue star pattern heads, exuding classic European style. Designed for commercial use, these fenders offer premium quality at a practical price point. Choose from a variety of sizes to accommodate small runabouts to large yachts and cruisers. Opt for the fender only or select the complete option with silver rope lanyards pre-spliced onto the eye for immediate use. Remember, when inflating Majoni fenders, use the correct air gun adaptor to prevent damage to the brass valve. Ensure not to over-inflate for optimal performance on the water. Elevate your boating experience with these reliable and stylish boat fenders.

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