IR61224 - 6/12/24 VOLT CHARGER

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6/12/24 Volt Charger., 2/10/20 Amp Selectable on 6/12 Volt. 2/5/10 Amp Selectable on 24Volt, Electronic Touch Button Control, Chemistry selectable: GEL, Flooded (SLA, Deep Cycle, AGM), Calcium, LED Display shows voltage, current (amps), battery capacity and fault diagnosis, 7 stage charging for optimum battery conditioning and extended battery life., Click here to download the manual Absorption:YES , Alternator Function:Alternator Test , Analysis / Fault Find:YES , Case Construction:Aluminium , Charge Rate:14.1V (Gel), 14.7V (Flooded), 15.1V (Calcium) , Charging Stage:7 Stage , Desulphation:High Frequency Pulse charge (Dependent on Diagnosis) , Dimensions:246 x 146 x 50mm , Equalisation:YES , Fan Cooled:YES , Input Voltage - DC:240VAC, 50Hz , Min Start Voltage:1.5 Volt , Output Current:6/12 Volt, 2/10/20 Amp. 24 Volt, 2/5/10 Amp Selectable , Output Voltage:6/12/24 Volt DC Selectable , Permanent Mount:No , Recondition:YES , Soft Start:Yes , Type:Flooded, SLA, Deep Cycle, AGM, Calcium, GEL (Calcium 12V only, GEL 6/12V only) , Warranty:12 Months , Weight:2.4kg

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