Isotherm ITC Digital Display Kit

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ITC Kit retro-fits with compatible DC and AC/DC Isotherm fridge and freezers equipped with the current generation SeCOP control modules (101N0212 & 101N510) which are standard on Isotherm Fridges. The Kit features an ITC digital display, temperature sensor, and all appropriate hardware.The ITC Display provides an instant reading of actual temperatures within the fridge or freezer, and temperatures can be changed with a simple press of the up or down keys. It allows the fridge or freezer to be turned on/off without opening, displays faults and 3 battery protection levels for additional user control. It also allows manual activation of either the ECO and ITC functions for a user control.The ITC function provides standard smart features such as:Soft Start which allows for effective, safe start-up of the compressorFast cooling, which is achieved by running the compressor and maximum speed to drop the temperature quicklyOver cooling, which is active by the microprocessor to accumulate cold when there is a surplus of energy (Battery in charge mode, AC power available)The ECO function is manually activated by the user, and once activated the fridge or freezer will operate at minimum power by reducing the compressor to 2500RPM. Achievement of the set temperature isn’t guaranteed in this mode as the priority is shifted to reduce power consumption and conserve the batteries' capacity.Other Details:Compressor Unit Dim. (L x W x D): 157mm x 57mm x 30mm

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