Jabsco 4 Litre Par-Max 1 Freshwater Pressure Pump

SKU: RWB-J20-098

Automatic - Manual: Manual
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Extremely reliable miniature multi-outlet water pressure pumps that will serve one or maximum two low volume outlets.

10mm (3/8”) barbed inlet & outlet - also supplied with 2 adaptor bushes to convert the inlet / outlet barbs to 1/2" 12mm barbs.

Available in automatic demand (with 35 PSI pressure switch) or manual model (no pressure switch, turn it on or off by a separate switch).

Ideal for small boats, caravans and campervans. Ignition and thermal overload protection with auto restart.

  • 1.1 GPM (4.3 litres) at open flow
  • 2 chamber diaphragm operation
  • Self priming to 1.2 metre (4 ft)
  • Can be run dry without damage

Spare switches and service kits available too.

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