Jockey Wheel & Swivel Bolt-On / Weld-On Clamp

SKU: RWB-4081

Wheel: Rubber
Sale price$90.78 Regular price$102.00


Introducing the versatile Jockey Wheel & Swivel Bolt-On / Weld-On Clamp for your trailer needs. Choose from 3 styles and 3 types of wheels for each style to suit your requirements. The Standard bolt-on / weld-on fixing clamp ensures secure attachment, while the convenient swivel bolt-on/weld-on clamp allows easy twisting and locking of the jockey wheel to a horizontal position. The "U" bolt fixing swivel clamp offers a hassle-free installation process. Select from a 150mm (6") dia. rubber and plastic wheel for basic applications on firm surfaces, a 250mm (10") dia. solid rubber wheel for heavy-duty manoeuvring, or a 250mm (10") dia. pneumatic tyre for effortless movement on sand (though with the potential for punctures). Upgrade your trailer experience with this durable and practical accessory.

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