L50 Kayaka Jacket - Kayaking, Canoeing or Sailing PFD

SKU: RWB7080

Sale price$85.00


Introducing the L50 Kayaka Jacket, expertly crafted for the avid kayaker, canoeist, or sailor. This premium PFD boasts a tailored design for optimal comfort and unrestricted movement, thanks to its spacious armholes and ergonomic torso fit. The cross-chest harness ensures a secure, ride-up-free fit, keeping the vest snugly positioned lower on the body. Approved to AS4758 standards, this jacket combines mobility, buoyancy, and comfort effortlessly. Complete with a foam-padded back and two generously sized zippered pockets, this jacket is the ultimate companion for your aquatic adventures. Choose from four versatile sizes and elevate your water sports experience with the L50 Kayaka Jacket.

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