Macerator Pump - Jabsco

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New version with patented run dry protection device and heavy duty corrosion resistant triple sealed motor, ignition protected for safety.

The Jabsco macerator is the ideal answer to simple holding tank pump-outs.

Flow rate of 45 litres per minute empties a 120 litre holding tank in only 3 minutes.

Heavy duty motor discharges up to 1,000 litres in one operation.

  • 45 litres per minute output - 35 litres per minute at 3 metre head
  • Run-dry protection device and triple sealed motor
  • Self priming up to 1.2 metres vertical lift
  • Macerates and discharges air, water and waste mixtures
  • Stainless steel chopper and flexible nitrile impeller
Connections - Inlet 1 1/2" male thread and 38mm hose. Outlet 25mm 1" hose.

J11-110 Macerator Pump 49 LPM 12v

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