Manifolds Chev Small Block - Marine Exhaust Manifold

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Small Block Chev Manifolds - Water Cooled Aluminium.

Includes Gaskets, Studs & Nuts. 

Includes Cassell Stainless Steel Exhaust Flanges I.D suit 2 1/2" pipe

These manifolds will fit Chevy 283,307,327,350 & 400 engines and have been designed to improve torque in centremount ski boats with the port design.

Must be installed with Aussiespeed AS0462-12 studs included, these are  3/8 unc into head reduced to 5/16  manifold studs while port alignment with cylinder heads is the same the clearance for a larger stud and nut makes them difficult to fit. AS0462-12 

The manifolds have 6 water ports 3 top 3 bottom and are supplied with 4 screw in blanking plugs to plug unused water holes.

While the external shape resembles other manifolds the exhaust port internal shape curves towards the rear outlets. This helps deflect the exhaust gases from hitting the outer log wall like some other design exhaust manifolds.

The compact curved design allows for smaller engine covers to help give extra room inside your boat.

Aussiespeed exhaust manifolds are supplied with steel studs, spring washers ,brass nuts Stainless steel exhaust flanges and paper exhaust flange gaskets.

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