Marine Town Mini Through Hull Outlet

SKU: MTN-138222

Width (A) E: 19mm - 9mm
Sale price$14.00


Mini Through Hull Outlet manufactured by Marine Town.

  • A simple, neat and practical solution to overboard drainage.
  • The range of mini through hull outlets are designed to be used for a wide variety of overboard drainage solutions.
  • These include cup holders, cleats, rod holders, hatch guttering, deck drainage, bait tank and ice box drainage.
  • The through hull outlet tube with rounded exterior flange is manufactured from highly polished 304 grade stamped stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance while presenting a high quality, attractive exterior finish.
  • The barbed internal rear rubber receptor allows for simple, secure and quick fit up.
  • For assembly the stainless steel outlet tube simply pushes firmly into the receptor.
  • Drainage hose from the item is then attached and hose clamped into place to create a strong and secure join.

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