Mastervolt Battery Mate Isolator

SKU: BLA-110810

Maximum Output Charger: 120A
Sale price$476.10 Regular price$529.00


The Battery Mate is compatible with any type of alternator/battery charger, in both existing and new systems. As the voltage loss between the alternator and battery is negligible, the Battery Mate performs far better than conventional battery isolators.

This ensures fast and complete charging of your batteries without having to make additional adjustments to the alternator.

BLA Code 110810 110814
Description IG 1602 IG 2503
General Specifications:
Maximum Output Alternator 160A 250A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 206mm x 140mm x 79mm 206mm x 140mm x 79mm
Weight 1kg 1kg
# of battery banks 2 3

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