Mini-Puppy Pumps - Compact Low Flow Pumps

SKU: RWB-J40-122

Volt: 12
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Introducing the Mini-Puppy Pumps - the compact low flow pumps that effortlessly handle a variety of tasks with finesse. Designed with a bronze head unit and a 12/24 volt DC motor, these pumps from the renowned Jabsco "WATER PUPPY" range are a versatile solution for bilge pumping, deck wash, shower drain, and more.

- Compact design with high discharge heads
- Self-priming up to 1.5 metres vertical lift
- Maximum head of 8 metres
- Continuously rated motor for reliable performance
- Robust construction to tackle bilge debris effortlessly

Whether it's oil changing, bilge pumping, or general-purpose applications, these pumps deliver a flow rate of 5.5 litres per minute, making them a dependable choice for various duties. Equipped with a nitrile impeller for handling oily bilge water, these pumps are your go-to solution for efficient and reliable water transfer.

Upgrade your pumping system with the Mini-Puppy Pumps and experience superior performance and durability in every application.

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