Moldable Noise Barrier - 24"x54" (9.0sqft)

SKU: DEI050103

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The Boom Mat Moldable Barrier is a highly flexible .5lb/ft2 sound and moisture barrier designed for those applications where Under Carpet space is limited, and the need to have an acoustical noise barrier is desired. Conforms to the shape of your chassis, or for more intricate areas, can be molded with a heat gun. Even becomes quite flexible by simply warming the BM-MD outside on a sunny day. Can be installed as is, or used with a decoupler such as the Boom Mat Lite for increased acoustical efficiency, an important consideration especially in the firewall area, or to control exhaust noise in the cabin. ● Blocks unwanted Road Noise when used over the entire surface area ● Not a permanent installation, easily removable for service when required ● Moldable, conforms to the shape of your floor pan ● Highly effective low cost alternative to using damping products only ● Measurable results ● 1/16" thick ● Easy installation ● Cost effective sound and moisture barrier ● Custom molded fit with heat application ● Easy removal for repairs or service ● Great vapor and sound barrier for door panels Where to use: ● Behind door panels ● Floor pans ● Fire walls ● Transmission tunnels ● Behind back seat ● Inner fender wells ● Rear quarter panels ● Trunk floors

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