Morse Dual Function Control MV-3

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Types: 306774 Standard
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Dual Function Control:
The MV-3 side mount control is designed for all installations including inboard ski boats, outboards, sterndrives, yachts & sport jets.

Can only be disengaged from raising the lifter under the ball knob.

Very smooth action.

* Operates both shift and throttle with one handle
* Concealed side mounting

* Can be left or right hand mounted
* Can only shift at low rpm's, thereby protecting gearbox
* optional neutral safety switch to ensure engine only starts when in neutral

* Accepts universal 30 series cables, CC172, CC330, CC633, 33C & SP33C

Non corrosive rigid polymer exposed housing with die cast zinc alloy handle. Gold passivated steel concealed back plate and linkages.

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