NGK Spark Plug - ZFR6K-11 (10 Per Box)

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NGK Spark Plug - ZFR6K-11 (10 Per Box).

NGK have over 80 years of experience in spark plug manufacturing and they are the world leaders in spark plug technology. They have an extensive range of spark plugs, each with their own unique characteristics specifically engineered to its vehicle application and they are designed to suit a broad range of vehicles on Australian roads. With their dedication to quality, outstanding reliability and state of the art manufacturing techniques, you can rely on NGK Spark Plugs.

An internal combustion engine requires three key ingredients to operate: air, fuel and spark. A spark plug is a critical engine component that provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture that drives an engine.

A spark plug operates by directing electrical current to flow through a centre electrode, forming a spark across an electrode (or air) gap, completing the circuit to a ground electrode. The centre electrode is surrounded by a ceramic insulator which is non-conductive preventing current leakage and ensuring electricity flows in the desired direction.

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