Nose Dog Assembly suit Dog Clutch

Sizes: Chev S/B 1" SHRINK FIT Nose Dog Assembly
Sale price$550.00


Nose Dog Assemblies

Complete Nose Dog assemblies includes:

Hub Piece (fits onto crank)

Drive Piece (mount onto drive piece and engages with slider)

Spigot Bush (self lube brass bush fits inside drive piece,spline shaft runs in it)

3 bolts (bolts drive piece to hub piece)

Drive Pin (acts as second key between crank and nose dog on 5/8 & 3/4 models)

Various makes to suit engine & spigot size (internal brass bush on the end of the nose dog) 5/8" 16mm - 3/4" 19mm - 1" 25.4mm

Check your spigot size for correct nose dog 

5/8 & 3/4 nose dogs com with drive pin , 1" models have 2x grub screws instead

Chev & Holden Nose Dog are cylindrical in shape, Ford nose Dogs have a bob weight (off centre weight on the side)

Nose Dog Assemblies Available or just the Nose Dog Hub Piece only
Drive Piece sold as a spare part separately
Dog Clutch Sliders & other Dog Clutch Parts also sold

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