Oceanmax Propspeed Foulfree Transducer Coating Kit 15ml


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 Oceanmax's Foulfree Transducer Coating Kit 15ml effectively prevents marine growth on transducers, ensuring accurate signal transmission. As the leading industry expert in foul-release coatings, Oceanmax has been tackling the issue for over 20 years.

With a dry time of just 20 minutes and no toxic substances, Foulfree is easy to apply and offers long-lasting protection. It is even Airmar certified and won't damage transducers. To optimize adhesion on plastic fairings, use 40 grit sandpaper (not included). Please note that sanding the transducer housing or face will void the manufacturer's warranty. For first aid, seek medical attention if necessary.

And remember to practice proper health and safety measures when handling Foulfree

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