Outboard Rigging Flanges & Hose

Options: 192516 Rigging Mount Flange - Black Item: C
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Rigging Flanges and Hose

All the components required to complete a professional rigging system. Protects outboard engine cables and wiring from dirt, abrasion, sun, salt and water.

The hose is durable, flexible and kink resistant. The mount flanges and split union are moulded from U.V. stabilised polypropylene. Two types of mount flange are available, 192516 and 192517 are internally threaded to retain the hose and make rigging adjustment simple. These can be surface or recess mounted. 192518 and 192519 has additional port to allow the fuel line to pass through so that the primer bulb can be accessed immediately adjacent to the outboard.

192521 is a split union that provides an entry point for the fuel line back into the rigging hose. 192520 is a moulded black vinyl cap to provide closure of the engine end of the rigging hose if required.

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