Perfect Pass Star Gazer Upgrade Kit only

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All upgrades are MADE TO ORDER, allow 1-2 weeks lead time


Whether you have an existing WakeboardPro on your boat or the three-event DigitalPro, you can easily upgrade to Star Gazer. In most cases, it is a simple “Plug & Play” ten minute installation.

The upgrade kit includes a new Master Module & GPS Receiver.
To install you simply unplug the cables from your existing Master Module and re-connect to the new one.
If your system is more than five years old, you will likely have the older style “Single Line” Display.
If so, you will require a new “Multi Line” Display in order to run the new GPS Based products.

Note: If you order, please advise us whether you are upgrading a WakeboardPro or DigitalPro.

*Mechanical engines include any engine that uses a PerfectPass Servo Motor & cable.

** Drive by Wire engines are only found on late model boats from MasterCraft, Nautiques, Malibu, MB, etc. These boats do not have a servo motor and the existing Master Module under dash will be clearly marked DBW.

Which Display do I have? – Not sure if you have the multi line Display?....when you turn the key on the software version # will appear for a brief moment. Ex: “WakeboardPro V6.0”. If the version # is 6.5NG then you already have a multi line Display which will support the Star Gazer. If it does not show NG, you will need this kit with a new Display.


1. Q. What is the advantage to upgrading my WakeboardPro?

  1. The GPS Speed reading never needs calibration and is more accurate than the paddle wheel. On some boats the flow of water over the paddle can become disturbed based on hull design, etc. This is not an issue with GPS. In addition, there is no longer concern about paddle wheel damage on trailers or lifts.


2. Q. I currently have the “Water Temperature” feature on my mechanical PerfectPass, will I lose this feature?

  1. No, if you plug the paddle wheel into the new Master Module, it will show Water Temperature.

3. Q. I have an old basic Cruise System with the little 2 inch key pad. Is this upgradeable?

  1. Yes. You will need the basic Star Gazer Upgrade and a new full size In Dash Display. This will bring your system current. And it’s all “plug & play”.

4. Q. We ride in a river with significant current, is GPS the right way to go?

  1. GPS is based on speed over ground, so if you have strong currents you may wish to stay with the paddle wheel. Running Star Gazer in slow currents may require a tweak of the set speed to adjust for the current.

5. Q. I have a boat with a WakeboardPro that works perfectly in RPM Mode, but in speed based wakeboard mode it is not smooth, particularly when the rider pulls and in the turns.

  1. Most boat manufacturers install a paddle wheel on their boats to operate the speedometer…and PerfectPass shares the signal. We have seen many cases where the flow of water over the paddle is just not smooth & steady due to hull design, location, etc. The Star Gazer eliminates this issue.

What’s involved with the installation works?

When the package arrives from BSA, all components are included together with a detailed installation instruction booklet showing the install process step by step and all of the necessary parts and fittings.

The instruction booklet has been prepared so that the boat owner (with some mechanical / general experience) can install the system themselves. Alternatively, PerfectPass has recommended a chargeable time period of 2-3 hours where a service department could install the system.

The main works are;

 Remove existing Speedo unit

 Replace with new unit and provide power

 Run cables to engine area

 Attach servo motor to engine area

 Attach cables to engine

 (As this new system relies on only GPS technology, there is no need for paddle wheel to be installed nor hole to be drilled through the hull)


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