Perfect Pass Star Gazer Z Box Upgrade

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Z Box Upgrade

Now available for tournament skiers with Star Gazer equipped boats, the Z Box Upgrade is designed to make your PerfectPass feel and pull like the ZO System in newer tournament boats. In addition, this new software version includes “No Magnet Timing” so your Smart Timer and course magnets become obsolete. This new features allows you to easily and quickly Map up to three courses.

The Z Box Upgrade option is only applicable to Star Gazer Systems, therefore if you are currently operating a DigitalPro System, you first must upgrade to Star Gazer.

What’s involved with the installation works?

When the package arrives from BSA, all components are included together with a detailed installation instruction booklet showing the install process step by step and all of the necessary parts and fittings.

The instruction booklet has been prepared so that the boat owner (with some mechanical / general experience) can install the system themselves. Alternatively, PerfectPass has recommended a chargeable time period of 2-3 hours where a service department could install the system.

The main works are;

 Remove existing Speedo unit

 Replace with new unit and provide power

 Run cables to engine area

 Attach servo motor to engine area

 Attach cables to engine

 (As this new system relies on only GPS technology, there is no need for paddle wheel to be installed nor hole to be drilled through the hull)


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