Fynspray Plain Bearing Flexible Impeller Pump - 1/2” Single Plain Bearing


Sale price$461.00


Fynspray flexible impeller pumps are made in New Zealand and sold worldwide. They are very robust engine driven pumps with a pressure gunmetal bronze body, stainless steel shaft and a flexible neoprene impeller. They run off a marine engine when coupled via a belt and pulley wheel system. Flexible impeller pumps are mainly used as engine cooling pumps, however they may be used for bilge pumping, deck washdown or virtually any purpose where a self priming, high volume, engine driven pump is required. They can also be used in many industrial applications as the flexible neoprene impeller is odourless, tasteless, non-toxic and in many cases more acid resistant than natural rubber. 1/2" single plain bearing. Shaft dia. 16mm Pump size : 162mm L x 95mm W x 90mm H

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